Cappelen Dimyr no.15


no.15 is classic in it's appearance, but the curls give it a soft and groovy look reminiscent of the 70´s luxurious materiality.

Made from unbleached New Zealand wool, hand-knotted and hand-spun. Due to the hand-spun technique, the yarn makes for a curly characteristic look.

The rug amplify Cappelen Dimyr's ethos of a contemporary softness and bohemian feeling. In combination with the beautiful warm off-white color, it becomes a testament to the luxury that is synonymous with our world.

Any variation in colour or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique. Please note this is a partly long pile and shaggy rug which usually tends to shed more than low pile rugs. Make sure to vacuum often to reduce this.

Dimensions: 90.5" x 110" 

Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery