If you’re here, it’s because you love design (and you heard about us, and you found this writeup). That’s cool, because we’re obsessed with it. Design that is, not this writeup.

Very obsessed.

We built Montana Labelle Design & Lifestyle to be a gathering place for passionate, inspired design. We flicked on the (metaphorical) neon sign in 2013, and we’ve been enjoying seeing who’s drawn to it ever since.

Our mission, in one short statement: to mix the vintage and the contemporary to create something timeless. Retro always makes the grade. Modern stuff moves us. We like to combine everything in moderation—except moderation.New York, Toronto, LA, Miami. Let’s trip. We’re based in Toronto, but, just like great fashion, good, strong coffee, or anything else you really wouldn’t want to live without, we’re accessible and available world-wide.

People who know us say we’re two faced. In a good way. By day we’re a full-service residential and commercial interior design studio and by night we’re your go-to lifestyle shop for everything from custom furnishings to curated art, hardware, ceramics, lighting and vintage pieces, sourced from vendors and artisans around the world. Flip that if you’re on the other side of the world. Or every second week. We like to keep things exciting.


Our design offerings leverage Montana and her team of designers—our tastes, passion, andeyes. No matter the project, we put the focus on what feels right. Which gets to the core of what we do: we design spaces. Real, tactile things and places. If they don’t feel right, then what’s the point? The neutral colours, vintage pieces, and marble (of all shapes and sizes) from some of our most memorable designs stick in peoples’ minds. We’re super proud of that. But just because we love all our babies, doesn’t mean we bring them to every play date. We’re not interested in rehashing old ideas, or chasing trends. The best description we can give you about what to expect from a Montana Labelle Design interior is constantly evolving vision, innovative approaches, and inspired ideas. We know it sounds a bit ethereal, but good design is an ever shifting thing. If we trust each other, we’ll end up with something we can love forever.


Our passion for vintage furniture, developing product and curating one-of-a-kind pieces led to the launch of Montana Labelle Lifestyle in 2019. It’s the glimpse-into-your-friend’s-older-sibling’s-room of lifestyle shopping. Shop here to add a curated-cool aesthetic to any space and anyone. Think of the pieces we stock as the tangible versions of that French pop band no one you know is listening that absolutely bangs. Funk yes.