Tisdale Vase

Tisdale Vase


The Tisdale Vase is completely one of a kind and unique. Handmade by the artist- Thorn is the perfect addition to your console or shelf styling. These vessels should not be filled with water- and are best with dry flowers or foraged branches. The Tisdale is the artists favorite of the collection, for its simplicity and elegance.

  • 6 ” Diameter x 6” High

About The Artist:

Multidisciplinary artist Thomas Bollmann fuses contemporary sensibilities with long-held traditional Japanese techniques of Raku and Shou Sugi Ban to create sculptural works. His minimalistic aesthetic considers space, form and function as its motivation in developing pieces that complement rather than overwhelm their environment. His work with sculpture, painting and lens-based works have been shown and held in galleries and private collections throughout Europe and North America.