Sabi By Kit King
Sabi By Kit King

Sabi By Kit King

$1,450.00 $2,450.00

Our new favorite piece of artwork is created by Canadian Artist Kit King. Contemporary art that borrows from the past to re imagine the future.

Kit crafts these stunning one of a kind pieces by hand- making each one completely unique and one of a kind. Kit begins the piece with foam core carving our her initial shape. The texture on the piece is created with her own signature mortar and acrylic mix. The final result is a coloured rocky surface with a light weight that is kinder on the environment to ship, and requires less damage to the walls to hang.

What will become of the crisp modern abstract shapes we see in modern art?  Several centuries from now, long after the pristine finishes are worn away and the passing of time is made visible upon them- will the works become transformative art as relics of the future?  Will they be embraced for the visage of time passed? or will they be refinished in an attempt to be brought back anew? The only certainty we have is change and potentiality.

  • 44” Wide x 27” High

About The Artist:

Kit King is a Bahamian Canadian contemporary artist whose emotionally charged hyper realistic portrait paintings have been the subject of solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums internationally- showing throughout Canada and the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.