In 3's By Moira Ness

In 3's By Moira Ness

$689.50 $985.00

This incredibly simplistic artwork by Moira Ness has quickly become our favourite pieces to adorn our walls. Painted on hand ripped raw canvas, Moira uses monotone color ways and romanticized text to get the perfect subtle yet bad-ass message across. The hand ripped canvas features rough edges with acrylic paint.

Your artwork comes unframed. It can be framed upon its arrival (we recommend a shadow box with a float mount) or simply hung straight on the wall with nails, or artwork pins. The artwork comes with a UV coating so its safe not under glass.

Dimensions: 30" High x 20" Wide

About The Series:

Maladaptations is a series of minimalistic text-based paintings. Through data mining my own personal archive I create confessional and romanticized text by utilizing a word sorting algorithm. The algorithm scrambles groupings of source text, repurposing the archive. I then select relevant phrases and reassemble them into complete sentences. By romanticizing situations from my personal archive a form of mental maladaptive behaviour emerges, intentionally encouraging a lack of distinction between my own reality and reverie. Within these fantasies a fabricated narrative is imagined and produced.