Ebb & Flow 2 By Anna Church
Ebb & Flow 2 By Anna Church

Ebb & Flow 2 By Anna Church


Introducing A New series by Canadian Artist Anna Church. Entitled Ebb & Flow this limited edition photographic print is limited to an edition of 20. Printed on archival Fine art paper, and accompanied by a hand signed certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions: 32” x 37”

Artist Statement:

Ebb and Flow are the latest works by Toronto artist Anna Church; a limited edition series of two monochromatic pieces that dynamically explore the relationship between shape, form and negative space.

The two pieces represent an extension of Church’s specialty of sculptography. Manipulating the fabric echoes the sculptural nature of her typical methodology; stretching, hanging and draping it into layered reliefs that quite literally ebb and flow. The contorting fabric simulates recurring ridges and layers, rhythmical patterns that seem to extend beyond the constraints of the frame.

The gestural shapes illuminate the power of suggestion, inviting the viewer to experience the artwork with an instinctive and emotive response to the work’s sense of movement vs structure.