Sas Oeuvres Sensibles Assiettes Bistrot Placemat

$134.00 $218.00

Dress up your table with the perfect tablecloth for two. One of our favourite new items for hosting season. The perfect piece to elevate your dining table.

Antique French linen and cotton embroidered with black cotton thread made using Cornely embroidery on an old manual 19th century machine, in Paris.

Priced Per Placemat.  

Dimensions: 50" x 20"

Care Instructions: Gently wash by hand using natural soap to remove any persistent stains before washing your embroidered linen in the washing machine. Do not use bleach as it will damage the fabric. Before putting your linen in the washing machine, carefully place it in a special bag for delicate linen or a pillow cover so that the embroidery threads are not damaged by rubbing. Then wash in the washing machine at 30°C, cold, on the gentle program. Do not spin to avoid breaking the fiber of your linen. Once your embroidery has been washed, lay it out flat to avoid distorting it, away from any source of heat and in the shade if you are hanging it outside. An extra little tip: don’t let the laundry dry completely, it will be easier to iron. Iron your embroidered linen while it is still damp, using a hot iron and full steam. Always iron on the reverse side. You can also place a terry towel under the linen to avoid flattening the embroidery stitches and to give the work more embossed effect.