Moo Peg Game

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Introducing the Moo Peg Game. Hand crafted out of a unique slab of brown calcutta marble. The Moo Peg Game is apart of our limited edition holiday collection. 

How to play: The object of the game is to remove as many pegs as possible. You remove a peg by jumping over it. You can only jump horizontally, along a row, or diagonally. You may jump only one peg at a time, and you may only jump into an empty hole. Initially, the top hole is empty, and there are only two possible opening moves. You can start with either the leftmost or the rightmost peg on the third row, and jump into the empty hole. When you jump a peg, that peg will be removed, and you will have another empty hole.

Please note that marble is a natural material and as such, is subject to natural variations in colour, veining and spotting.

Dimensions: 6" x 1"