Garden 5 By Olivia Babel


Step into the lush embrace of GARDEN 5, a textured marvel adorned in shades of brown, yellow, and green—a vivid tapestry portraying a cultivated haven. Olivia Babel, in a celebration of imagination, unveils a poetic and flourishing territory. Having graced the spotlight in a solo exhibition in Dubai, this artwork is a testament to the artist's exploration of rare and unique weaving techniques.

Woven entirely by hand on an ancient high-warp loom in Olivia Babel's French atelier, GARDEN 5 is a rare gem. Knots and simple stitches come together to form this textile wonder, composed of 100% natural wool, fine cotton threads, and carefully selected fabrics. With the artist's signature adorning the piece, each of the 50 hours spent weaving contributes to the intricate narrative captured within this exceptional artwork.

Dimensions: 39.3" x 42.5"

About The Artist: Discover the enchanting world of Olivia Babel, a French artist whose passion and expertise converge in a celebration of fiber art.

Her artistic focus centers on the mesmerizing realm of cartography, where each creation is a poetic exploration of territories, inviting viewers to reflect on their connection with the environment. Olivia presents cartography not just as a map but as a unique and artistic narrative, weaving stories through her distinctive pieces.

With a diverse heritage spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and beyond, Olivia's art is a reflection of her global roots, cultures, and the myriad experiences gathered through her travels. To breathe life into her vision, she meticulously employs traditional French hand weaving techniques, creating one-of-a-kind, handwoven sculptures, each crafted with care in Lyon, France.

Olivia's works, which grace the walls of international art galleries, are now available for you to bring into your space. Explore her unique creations, where each piece is not just an artwork but a captivating narrative waiting to unfold. Immerse yourself in the beauty and depth of Olivia Babel's artistry.