Martin Mohair Rug
Martin Mohair Rug

Martin Mohair Rug


100% MOHAIR Rugs

Crafted with only hand-spun wool of Angora goats without dying them. This luxurious fiber has rich natural 5 colors: white / grey /camel / brown and black.

To create our rugs we use an ancient method of creating a faux animal hair pile which was widespread amongst nomads within Central Asia. Once the washing and spinning process of the Mohair is finished the weaving process begins. When the weaving has been completed, the flat-weave will be brushed and washed with a special brush.

Because of their lightness, strength and easy folding, flat-weaves were among the most cherished possessions of the ancient tent civilizations.

We advise the use of a cushioned non-slip rug-pad to prevent the slipping and sliding and have a generous cushioning for the rug use.

Please allow 6 weeks for your custom beauty to arrive. These rugs are handwoven by artisans in Turkey and take time.


Small: 5 feet x 7 feet

Medium: 6 feet x 8 feet

Large: 8 feet x 10 feet