Macha Vessel

Macha Vessel


The Macha Vase is pinched and hand carved tea bowl. Handmade and completely one of a kind. Use your vessel as an accessory on your shelves or a stylish accent on your coffee table.

  • 3.5” Diameter x 3” High

About The Artist:

Mie Kim works and lives in Montreal where she creates her unique ceramics objects and functional ware within. She developed her ceramics practice while she was working as documentary film maker before choosing ceramics as her main creative medium. "Beauty, creativity, art, making our life beautiful living with everyday object that were made with care & grace and taking in that beauty is incredibly central part of what it meant to be human” she comments. Finding aesthetic balance in asymmetry, roughness, simplicity is the most exciting part of her intuitive process. She like objects that create a sense of emptiness in the space rather than filling it up and she seeks to archive so in her work